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"I had the opportunity to work with Ameerah during a poignant 6 week period when a lot was at stake in my business and in my own finances.  It was such a blessing to have her to bounce ideas off of and to help guide me toward the answers.  She is a fantastic listener and very skilled at keeping one motivated and on track, which is one of the things we all need most from a life coach. I secured a business partner and a much-needed new client during the period we worked together and I felt each process flow easily and with integrity as a result of the work we did together."

Amanda Moore


Wolf & Wing Interior Design





"Working with Ameerah helped me to focus my energies and truly set myself up for success in my new job. During our time working together I felt empowered to make changes I could see on a daily basis, bolstered and ready to own my accomplishments."

Rebecca H.

Account Executive



"Ameerah is the epitome of a thoughtful, encouraging and motivational coach. As an agent, Ameerah easily managed difficult situations, always responded in an timely manner, and provided me with genuine and valuable advice that still serves my modeling career to date. As a coach, Ameerah was diligent about addressing my concerns as well as finding inventive solutions.  I would highly recommend Ameerah to any of my friends, family or colleagues as she is not only kind and supportive but also knowledgable, extremely professional and trustworthy."

Amanda Tice

Co-Founder, Hatch Studios

Model, Wilhelmina Models

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