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Life is a Journey

Have you ever been so excited to get somewhere or do something, so focused on the results that when it's all said and done you can't even remember how you got there? I think we’ve all been there. Especially as kids. Rushing to hit that next milestone birthday or even smaller the next party or outing our friends have planned. The next time we would get to go to our favorite hangout spot, that day at the beach, or simply that day of rest when there was no school, no practice, no tutoring, etc. We often times “couldn’t wait” for what we thought was good reason. The idea of something being better than where we currently were. More fun, exciting, and perhaps stretching a bit to say complete.

An interesting concept if you think about it. What is with the rush? Perhaps it has to do with the idea of setting goals and moving forward in life. I mean if you really think about it from birth we are taught that there’s always a next step. Although we paint finish lines theoretically, they don’t really ever exist. Do they? Sure you can reach completion on a task or challenge but when we really think about it these “completions” are always a part of a bigger picture that is never ending. So again I ask, what then is the rush?

If we only have one chance at this life, as the person we are right now, shouldn’t we savor each and every second? I’d like to believe that the journey of life is the most important element. Sure the highlights or “completions” are major moments but the truth of the matter is that you don’t get to those major moments without the process. Therefore this week I challenge you to embrace and enjoy your journey.

First things first and just to be crystal clear, when I say not to rush where you are going that doesn’t mean you should stop actively working toward your goals and become complacent in life. In fact, in my eyes, it means just the opposite. The desire to want to work harder than ever, allowing yourself to experience things in ways that you may never have should be more prevalent. Work has often been categorized as daunting or hard. Tiresome, and/or draining. But how does that change when we are actively engaged with what we are doing? Showing up to life with a present mindset.

When you are present in life you are more apt to notice the small things. The things that actually make the world go round and help your life move forward. If I can let you in on a little secret, the truth is you are going to get where you are going no matter what. Life is designed to move forward in just that way because of the element of time. So why not make the most of the ride. The task then becoming to focus on today, and each day thereafter, as if it were the only time you knew existed. We know tomorrow will come but for the purpose of this exercise let’s not allow that fact to impact us. Being present in the here and now excited and joyous in today.

Try this for the next few days and take note of what shifts you recognize in your journey. How does it affect your mood? The ways in which you are showing up? The fullness you receive and feel from the work you do? And if you by chance happen to hit one of the “milestones” or moments of completion how did trusting the process enhance or detract from your success?

As with every challenge I present this as hopefully another tool on the journey toward living your best life. I invite you to play around with it and make it your own. Everyone’s journey is unique so don’t miss the beauty of the rainbow because you are in a rush to find the gold.

Live full. Live bold. Live life.

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