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Ever have that feeling where you foresee the results of something before it even happens and that overwhelming moment of dread or fear kicks in? Or maybe you don’t see it coming, and suddenly without warning you’re hit dead on with opposition, failure, and/or defeat. We’ve all been there. Moments of tragedy. Despair. Anguish. How could this be happening to me, you ask. You’ve done everything you can to prepare and set yourself up for success.

Interestingly enough, life is full of ups and downs and no matter how much we think we are prepared the truth of the matter is, that we can only control so much. I’ve talked about this element before. Control. You may be tired of hearing about it, but it’s important and something that takes time to fully understand and get comfortable with. Therefore, I’m going to stick with it.

I’ve stressed over and over that it’s impossible to control outside forces so, it’s the recognition then of how we show up and respond to things that becomes most significant. A few weeks ago while reading, I came across a passage that said “Choose to love what happens before it even happens. Choose to love this day, before you know what it will bring.”- Ralph Marston.

You might say how is that even possible? How can you choose to love something if you are uncertain of what IT actually is? The answer is, that you choose to love no matter what. Being grateful for the experience and opportunity regardless rather than simply if the result is a positive outcome.

I’ve often been praised on my ability to stay calm and grounded amidst the storm but I never really gave it much thought. I didn’t think I was doing anything different by being non-reactive in certain situations, or simply accepting what was. But reading this passage helped me to understand that maybe there was something that I had inadvertently tapped into, overtime. Don’t get me wrong, I have my moments but for the most part I can whole-heartedly say I am an “it is what it is” kind of girl.

The passage went on to say “Don’t waste your time waging a battle that’s already over. Employ your energy, resources to make good and meaningful use of what is.”

Therefore, this is my challenge to you this week. To make meaningful use of what is. We spend so much time and energy caught up in the what-if’s, and trying to re-do so much that we often lose sight of the what is really happening and the opportunities this truth may present. What if we consciously chose to dedicate that same time and energy toward the power of acceptance? How might that shift in out mindset create endless possibilities instead of handicapping our growth and success?

Over the next few weeks I ask that you take a step back. Instead of reacting, proactively set yourself up to accept the good and the bad as it flows. Commit to loving your life no matter the circumstance. Love enough to create space for unlimited gratitude and watch as success pours in.

You are a force. Use your power to be great. Every day.

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