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Over the past few weeks I have seemingly been ruminating on the idea of space for some reason. Whether surfacing in a variety of conversations with different people or unabashedly within my own internal dialog, it seems that there is no escaping it. The notion of space relative to life in general, our goals, and how we as individuals fit. It’s no secret that we all encompass a competitive edge. Of course varying in degrees, as that is what makes us individual, but competitive to some extent nonetheless. While this competitive nature serves as good, pushing us to challenge ourselves and fight, as I so described last week, when it consumes us is it possible that it actually does more harm than good?

Why is it that typically when we think of being the best we can, we think of it as an isolated place? That if we are the best that must mean no one else should be at the top with us. Perhaps it’s the way society has conditioned us to believe that there is only room for one winner. One person at the top of the podium. One champion. This week I want to talk about what happens when we challenge this thought. Building up the idea and fact that there is indeed space for everyone to succeed, win, and be their best. Seeing that since we are all individuals my best self will inevitably be different than your best and so on and so forth.

While in conversation with a friend the other day I gently circled back to the thought that there will most likely always be someone better, quicker, stronger, smarter than me… and truth be told, I am OK with that. Being the best version of myself doesn’t mean I have to be number one all of the time. But it does mean, that even when I know someone is "better" than me, that fact should never prevent or impact how I show up or present myself to the world.

I believe one of our greatest keys to living a well-balanced life is to stop looking at it as a competition. If I’m not better than this person then I am not worthy. I get it, trust me. In this day and age with the way social media and the internet is set up its hard not to get wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. How many likes do I have? Who’s following me? How can I boost my brand awareness? How did they get that job over me?

It’s consuming and honestly speaking, a bunch of nonsense.

The beauty I have found is that as individuals we all have different things to offer and those differences are what make us great. I am certain there are plenty of other Coaches doing the same work that I am, who are amazing and perhaps much better at it than me but that doesn’t mean I should quit or give up. Regardless of how many people are out there and “better” there is space for all of us.

So this week I challenge you to let go of all the nonsense. Believe in the space that you hold and foster your magic within. Make a list of all the things you aren’t doing because you don’t think you are good enough or can’t stand up to whatever already exists in that realm. Start by choosing the smallest task and challenge yourself to move forward with it. Creating a plan of action. Ask yourself what do I need to get started? What do I feel is holding me back? What do I have to offer to others and myself by occupying this space? Dig deep into the how and why and go forward. Don’t fret over the outcome or what people will think or say. In reality their opinions don't matter. Do it for yourself and relish in your success when the task is complete. When all is said and done, take that energy and use it as fuel to ignite your next mission until the list of things on the back burner is non-existent.

There is nothing that can hold you back in life but you. Push yourself to show up and be your best. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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