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Writing The Script

At this point I think it’s safe to say we all know what it is to find strength at some time or another. The moments where you find yourself in that vulnerable state unsure of what to do, where to go, or how to get there. Yet somehow, you always manage to pull yourself up. Fortitude is inherent in all of us, whether we realize it or not. Everyone, strong in their own way. Fighting through the many challenges that arise on the journey of life. If experience proves that we are capable of most things that present themselves as difficult, why is it that we still buy into the fear that some things are beyond our reach? And more importantly what tips or skills can we adopt to help us get out of our own way?

Personally I think it starts with the idea of self-affirmation and self-love. Believing that you are capable of anything that you put your mind to. Are there things that scare me? Absolutely. But what I have learned to be more frightful of is the regret you feel when you give up or don’t see an obstacle through. The doubt and self-sabotage that ensues can be dangerous if we allow it to work its way into our sacred space too often.

So just what do we do to practice and build this so called self-love in a way where it eventually becomes natural habit and one of our strongest suits?

In my opinion, the first step is to find focus around the times when you have been most successful and/or proud of yourself. Recognizing not just the outcome of a certain situation (i.e. completing a race, securing that new promotion or job, being acknowledged as team MVP) but the steps and actions it took for you to get there. Good and bad, the moments where you took risks and perhaps stepped outside of your comfort zone. Challenging yourself in new ways without fear of judgement or ridicule.

I encourage you to write these moments down in your journal and reflect on the feelings you had surrounding your success and/or setbacks. What pushed you to keep going? What could you have done without? What was the most important thing you learned about yourself during this time?

From that list start creating affirmations about yourself that lift you up. Perhaps there was a time when you recognized that structure isn’t really your thing and you thrive better in environments that are open and more flexible. Lending to the affirmation that I AM CREATIVE, or I AM HIGHLY ADAPTABLE. Or the experience when you stood up for a friend or got the courage to ask for that raise proving that MY VOICE MATTERS or that I AM CONFIDENT AND WORTHY.

Incorporate as many positive attributes about yourself that you can come up with and carve out the space necessary to absorb their power. Feeding yourself with positivity. This isn’t a time to be shy or stingy. This is the time to write and tell the story of who you are, not only to yourself but to the rest of the world. Because when you believe it to be, others won't have a choice but to follow.

Therefore, this week, I challenge you to write the story you want the world to know. In a time where we constantly hear others people’s versions of who we are based on their interpretations or experiences with us, your truth is what holds the most weight. Don’t leave it to others to sing your praises and or write the script. Own the words yourself, and say them enough until they become a reflection of all you do.

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