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With a better understanding of time now under our belts how well are you pushing through the nonsense? Last week I challenged you to push yourself into immediate action. How did it that go? Be honest. If we learned that time waits for no one, then we must push through with everything we’ve ever wanted. There will always be a reason why we shouldn’t go for it. Why we should quit. Why we should reconsider the options. etc … but hanging tight to the notion that the time is now should be all the push we need to reach success.

So just what exactly is it to push?

Push defined is an act of exerting force on someone or something in order to move them away from oneself.

This week I think it is important we spend a little time on how we push ourselves forward. We know that it involves exerting some sort of force but what is imperative to understand is that the “force” is going to be different for each one of us. What pushes me to get up in the morning and get after the day is going to inevitably be different for the next person. Not only because we have different goals, dreams, desires, etc., but also because we are all wired in different ways. Neuroscience helps us in understanding that every individual is different in how they think, process, learn, and are motivated to do things.

This week I’m going to practice what I preach and get straight to it. Take out your journal and write down three scenarios in which you may have not taken the opportunity to push through for whatever reason. And then conversely recall and write down three scenarios to which you pushed through with everything you had. Once you have the contrasting lists ask yourself what about each situation was the largest contributing factor in your success or failure. Are there any common denominators and/or do the same factors keep arising in the various scenarios? Next, focusing solely on the factors that affected you in a negative and non-successful way and ask yourself what specifically needs to change there? Is there a certain person holding you back? Your own self-limiting beliefs? Fear of failure? Doubt? Whatever it is take ownership of it as this is the first step to reclaiming your power.

Once you single out what’s holding you back, acknowledge what motivates you to push forward changing the narrative to reflect something positive. For example, let’s say one of your goals is to build out a weekend community engagement program geared to keep at risk youth off the streets. Instead of focusing on not having all the proper resources right now, the conversation shifts to become about the value of this work and how it will drastically impact your community in such a positive way creating the energy that is necessary to actually get going and take action. Do you see the difference here? Creating awareness around the positive and what does work, so you know in what ways to turn when the going gets tough.

To push yourself is hard, I’m not going to lie. Most, if not all, of the work I challenge you with is difficult. But the more you practice doing it, just like anything else, the more confident you will become. It’s inevitable that we’ll fail at most things before we get them right, but that’s part of the full process right? How else do we learn, grow, and enrich our lives and those of the people around us.

Therefore, my words of advice for you are to push until you can’t push anymore and then push again. You’ll be better for it as you discover you truly hold all the power you need.

So get to it and don’t look back. The future is bright my friends.

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