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So how did it go last week? Is your positive energy on the rise? Have you noticed a slight shift in the air and space around you? If so, good. If not, don’t worry as with all change it takes time, but it will come. The main thing is that you are putting forth the effort. The largest fundamental part of the work I do as a coach revolves around the element of taking action.

Action defined as the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. As I have said before, the work is simple. If one does not act, one cannot expect change. I bring this to light this week because I think it’s the perfect time to discuss growth and ones relationship with it. In evaluating all that we would like to do for the year ahead, growth is often times the motivating factor behind our resolutions and goals.

Growth defined as the process of developing or maturing physically, mentally, or spiritually.

It should be everyone’s aim to want to do more and be more. We learn this early on throughout our formative years and nothing changes with that sentiment as we become adults. I have questions for nearly everything that I interact with. Whether it’s a person, place, or thing, because I’ve learned over the years that there is always room to learn and grow.

I recently went to a workshop on food/ nutrition which proved to be extremely interesting on several levels. I always thought for the most part I was pretty well versed on the topic. What to eat VS. what not to eat. When. Where to get needed nutrients. Etc… But as it turns out, this entire time, I was missing out on one very important element of the HOW?

HOW do I eat?

I never really thought about my relationship to food in that way, outside of the hand to mouth concept. But when you start to think about the how of eating, or anything for that matter, it becomes so much more. All of a sudden you natural begin to create an outline of actionable steps around what you aim to achieve, resulting inevitably in some sort of growth.

Consequently, I walked away from those few hours with a new outlook on the nutrition game that I was excited to get to work on.

Therefore, this week I challenge you with the how. I think it safe to say we all have some sort of list of things we would like to see happen. Politically, Socially, Personally. You name it, there’s work to be done. It’s easy to make lists. I have hundreds, but what do they really mean if you don’t take action against them?

When you start to ask yourself how you can be the change only then will your answers begin to take life.

You want a new job, how are you going to go about the process? How can you do better or more than you do in your current state? How do you stack up against the competition? How do stand out?

The same goes for that cleanse or diet. Re-decorating your apt. Building mindfulness into your daily practice. Overcoming your fear of public speaking. Affecting some sort of change within our political structure. Incorporating exercise into your routine.

The bottom line is that if there is no how there is ultimately no way.

So this week get in the habit of asking yourself this simple question and see how much further you are able to go with all that you aim to do. Each individual’s growth potential is limitless, we just have to want it.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” -Lao Tzu

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