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Being the Light

There’s a lot that goes on in any given day, month, or year. With that, it can be difficult to stay the course and true to yourself at all times. Most recently I’ve found my awareness has been heightened around the presence of duplication. Both in ideas and actions of those near and far. It's been an interesting narrative to follow. On the heels of my recent post about authenticity, the essence of integrity has taken even greater shape in what I envision for our world. In times of such great uncertainty, fear, and social divide that we currently face, I believe it’s honestly one of the only things we have left to hold onto.

One of my many mantras in life is to Be the Light. It is a place where my integrity is deeply rooted. I think it’s fair to say that it has always been the foundation of my purpose even before I knew what my purpose was. It is a truth I often find myself coming back to, specifically during the moments of difficulty as described above. It grounds me, my ideas, and the focus needed for success. In turn, I hope it is a true reflection of how I am seen in the world.

So just what is the light?

Simply defined, light is something that makes vision possible.

In my opinion there isn’t much else to it than that. We have two choices surrounding everything we do in life. The positive and the negative, and the route you choose is your decision to make.

I was speaking to a friend this week about the idea of failure. He was specifically curious about the ways in which I deal with failure and my ability to stay the course when I find myself faced with it. Like most, I don’t get everything right on the first try so my answer was clear to that point. I believe there is a lesson and light in everything we do. Therefore, even when our expectations aren’t met there is something to be taken from the experience that inevitably helps to push us through to where we are going. Again, honing in on our perspective and the positive vs. negative affect.

Sure it’s easy to give up, ditch the work, stop the fight, or jump on the bandwagon of what someone else is doing instead of following through when things start to go south, but what does that do for the process of growth and becoming better. The responsibility we owe ourselves to remain authentic and the ability to cultivate our light.

This week I’m keeping it simple. Given the social space and times we are in, I challenge you to to be the light. Asking yourself, what are the things that fuel you? The basis of your integrity? What pushes you to become better? Stronger? What is your vision for the world? Your world? And in what ways are you able to authentically claim your space within it?

How can you affect change?

These are just a few questions that might help you on your journey. You may have some of the answers right away, and for others it may take some time. That’s OK. Break out your journal and start exploring the inner workings of who you are and how you want to continuously show up as your best self. It's an ever evolving conversation.

I was taught at an early age to lead by example. This is one of the many lessons in cultivating MY personal light. There's a special quote that speaks directly to this truth.

“A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle” –James Keller.

It’s possible that I may have mentioned it here before. But, no matter how many times you’ve heard me say it or come across it in the world I implore you to sit with the message and carry it with you.

Being the light not only for yourself but for everyone around you is a gift we all have the potential to give. When you stand in your purpose your vision transcends all the chaos and trepidation around you creating an impact like no other.

Imagine your life in that world.

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