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Living a Full Life

If there is one thing I have learned this past week it is that life is too short. If you want to succeed at living the best possible life that you can it is imperative to go after what you want, when you want it, without hesitation. You know all those dreams, desires, wishes and wants that you’re waiting to fulfill when the time is right? Well I am here to tell you that the time is NOW.

We all have a list of things whether it’s the dream job, dream neighborhood to live in, ideal social life, fitness routine, impacting your community, starting your own business, going back to school, changing up your diet, cutting your hair, switching up your wardrobe, jumping out of that plane, asking your crush out on a date, etc. … Whatever it is, however big or small, I am challenging you, today, to get after it. Time waits for no one and every day that passes is a missed opportunity to be your best.

Sure there might be practical roadblocks that are standing in your way but the truth is, there will always be something you can come up with that you think will keep you from your dreams. Therefore, the goal becomes how to push those negative thoughts to the side and fill your conscious space with positive energy about how you can get where you want to go. If the goal is to travel the world for the next year. Don’t let the thoughts of I don’t have enough money to do it, or I can’t afford to quit my job or take a leave of absence consume your decision. Instead try thinking about what the experience of traveling abroad for a year will do for your resume once it is complete. The wealth of experience and knowledge that you will have gained to afford you an even better job or higher position than what you currently have. Leverage to ask for an increase in responsibilities and furthermore a higher salary. When you start to think about all the possibilities the accomplishment can provide it’s hard to then deny yourself of the experience. Soon you’ll be coming up with ways to prepare yourself on how to spring into action for all the things that you want.

Therefore, this week, I’m keeping it simple. I challenge you to pick something off of your bucket list. Something you’ve always dreamed of doing but haven’t for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s one of your biggest challenges to date, or not. Whatever it is, find ways to start reframing your thoughts about this particular endeavor. Make the conscious effort to push those negative thoughts or feelings to the side, only inviting fresh positivity into your space. If your conscious is telling you, you can’t do something drop everything and challenge it right then and there. Start asking yourself questions like, Why not? What’s stopping me? Who says I can’t? And record your responses to these questions in your journal.

In addition, for every negative thought that comes up make a commitment to yourself to counteract it with three positive affirmations that move you toward accomplishment. Next, make a consistent effort to reflect on the positive aspects every night before bed and every morning when you wake up. By doing this you start to train your ego, and brain to think in ways it never has before. Start staring all of those self- limiting beliefs in the face and begin building new belief systems to take their place.

This might be difficult and uncomfortable in the beginning but that’s OK. Welcome it. Most new things we try to do are uncomfortable and this is a lot of times where we give in and ultimately give up, killing the chance before it even starts. I encourage you to stick with the uncomfortable until it becomes comfortable and the difficult until it becomes easy. See the challenge through and watch just how far you are able to get while keeping track of the adjustments you need to make along the way. No one ever said it was going to be easy but true change is only possible if you are willing to put in actual work.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Life is far too short and far too precious for any of us to stand still. So take a chance and get to living your best life today!

“In the end… We only regret the chances we didn’t take, the relationships we were afraid to have, and the decision we waited too long to make.” – Lewis Carroll

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