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There’s a saying that goes: Trust the timing of your life. It is something I heard a long time ago that has seemingly stuck with me, for good reason, because as we all know things don’t always go according to plan. No matter how much we outline and set our goals there are always those things we wish would happen that don’t. The things we think we deserve or want that we don’t get, the satisfaction of having it all. But how does keeping this idea or concept in mind really make it any easier to handle the disappointment of loss, rejection, or fear? And furthermore what does it really mean?

There’s something about today’s world that thrives on the idea of instant gratification. Whether it’s regarding a relationship, work, income status, societal status, our fitness levels, network connections, higher level opportunities, etc. We want what we want when we want it. Sometimes however, we’re not always ready to receive said things which can be a very humbling experience. It’s easy in this moment to just give up and quit. But, I’d like to believe that in those moments of unrest often lie our deepest lessons for life. The fortitude to stand strong and not accept defeat but rather challenge it with grace and PATIENCE.

Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.

The key word here, in my opinion, being delay. Because, it doesn’t mean that just because we don’t have or receive something we want now, that we won’t get it later. When you gain patience and trust the timing of your life, you still believe in working hard for what you want, visualizing success, putting into action the laws of attraction, etc., because you know all of those things are still key components to manifesting your dreams. The trick is to release the brakes a bit on the pressure that wanting immediate results create.

Take a second to think back on a time that you wanted something so badly and things didn’t go according to plan. Whether you worked for it or not, big or small. I’m sure you have several examples to draw upon. I know I have a lot. Now think about how you reacted to those situations. What kind of emotions did you exhibit? Anger, sadness, frustration, rage, depression, etc. And how much time did you spend in that state? Do you recall that those emotions changed the situation or made a difference, one way or the other? Was there time that could have been better well spent? Energy or focus that could have been projected toward something more self-serving?

Now think about how this disappointment or loss affected your future. Did it really throw you off course or did you find that things actually worked out in your favor creating the opportunity to move forward in a more successful way? Looking back would you have wanted the course of action to play out in any other way than it did? What were your learnings? And how are they still serving your current actions?

These are all questions that are critical to understanding the importance of trusting the timing of your life and patience. Everyone’s path in life is unique to their journey and there is a right time and place for everything to occur whether you realize it or not. This goes just as well for your mistakes. Everything happens in the right time. So when that job doesn’t come thru or you get denied the raise you wanted, don’t get accepted into a certain program, the client you’ve been courting for months doesn’t sign on, etc. instead of going straight to that negative space where we start to tear ourselves down or simply give up we must practice creating a shift in our mindset toward the positives. I’m not saying that you don’t have the right to be upset or frustrated but to sit in that defeat or frustration and carry it around with you does nothing to serve what better opportunity is potentially waiting in its absence. The limiting- beliefs that I wasn’t good enough, my resume wasn’t strong enough, I could have asked or answered better questions, I’m not deserving, etc… can consume you if you let them. The reality of the situation is the reasoning behind something not happening doesn’t matter because it is a thing of the past. The focus now should be on the future and what opportunities still lie ahead.

So how can we start putting this mindset into practice? One of patience and “release”.

This week I challenge you to be conscious of your reactions to situations. When something doesn’t work out for you, no matter how big or small, instead of being reactionary and getting emotional right away try instead to acknowledge that not everything works out as we hope and that it’s not the end of the world. In that moment think again of the example I just asked you to create for yourself based on your past experience and use it to help yourself think through the delay in a positive manner. Break out your journal and start writing things down. Ask yourself what you have to gain by going thru the experience as it is and shift your focus to that success. Life is a constant opportunity to learn so take advantage of these moments and grow. Finally ask yourself what actionable steps you can now take from the experience to move forward with hopes of creating even better opportunities for the future.

Keeping track of these experiences in your journal and reflecting on them daily or weekly is a great way to build this practice into your conscious state of being.

Think about it this way, if we settled in life for everything we thought we wanted the way we first imagined it, without experience, our lives wouldn’t be nearly as robust, vibrant, and full as they are today. It is with that mindset that we must continue to drive forward and navigate toward the greatest success we deserve.

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