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So… How did things go last week? Are you dreaming bigger and better than ever before? Are you feeling re-energized and excited about your life and the work that lies ahead? What are your biggest fears and or roadblocks that might keep you from moving forward? And adversely, what are you most excited and enthused about? These are all questions I would like you to keep in mind as we delve into this next week and the idea of constructing or dismantling structure around our new dreams and goals.

It’s interesting what your life has the power to manifest and become when you realize that you have the power to make whatever changes you want in order to get to where you want to be. Wherever you are today, and with whatever ways of the world you have picked up as you’ve moved through time- the bottom line is that none of it is permanent.

For the purposes of this week I want to focus on the importance of creating a healthy symbiosis between structure and flexibility. An interesting notion seeing as how drastically different they are from one another, but bear with me on it. As we have discussed for weeks now, it’s easy to understand just how important creating structure is in the effective completion of our goals but adversely if we do not learn, just as well, how to engage with flexibility we drastically minimize the opportunities to allow growth to occur. Where structure breeds focus, drive, and determination, flexibility breeds room to think deeper and differently, ultimately bringing about change.

So just what does flexibility mean? The dictionary defines it as The quality of bending easily without breaking; The ability to be easily modified; Willingness to change or compromise.

Take a second now to think about your life in full. Honestly speaking, how flexible are you? Perhaps the following questions can help you answer this a bit better. What does your daily calendar typically look like? Is it tightly packed with tasks and things to get done or is it loosely filled with quick notes outlining ideas of things you would like to see potentially happen? Are you that person who plans out what they wear the night before or do you wake up and more or less go with the flow? Do you meal prep or do you leave lunch or dinner to chance more often than not? Do you have specific set work hours or do you find yourself working when you are most inspired regardless of time? Does leaving things to chance stress you out and make you feel uneasy or do you thrive off of it? If there are a sudden change in plans with your friends do you get completely thrown off balance or can you rally and continue on with your day?

Be honest with yourself here and do your best to think of a few additional circumstances or situations on your own that challenge areas of flexibility.

Now, imagine life if you allowed yourself to do the complete opposite.

What does this picture look like? What elements of fear and discomfort arise? What elements of success arise?

This week I challenge you to explore your current action systems and beliefs around structure. I think it’s important as we go through life to shake things up a bit. You know that idea and saying “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? Well forget it. How else do you expect to grow, learn, and eventually bring about positive change to your life if you aren’t willing to take risks by always sticking to what “works”? Get flexible and begin to think and live differently than you have in the past. I’m not saying to have to shake up your whole life at once, but see what happens when you let go for one day and allow yourself to bend a bit. Or on the contrary when you instill rigor into your schedule for the course of 24 hours. Trust me on this one but more importantly trust yourself and take a chance. I can promise you that the world will not implode and who knows you just might actually enjoy the challenge this exercise presents, once you get past the fear.

The beauty in engaging with flexibility is the idea of allowing yourself the opportunity to go about doing things in a new way. An opportunity to create new systems and behaviors that have the potential to progressively move you forward faster. The ability to ensure you reach the life of your dreams.

Surely, you’ll always be faced with the risk of things not going to “plan” but what is a life without risk?

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results." – Albert Einstein

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