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Manifesting Your Dreams

Do you remember what your first set of dreams were? You know, what you told people you wanted to be when you grew up way back when. Or what your ideal life looked like. I’m talking your earliest memories… when you were perhaps five or six year old. When your imagination was most likely at its best. Pure and free to create and come up with whatever it could dream. Imagine that you still had that innocence and carefree attitude at the age you are now. Of course as adults we all know that “life happens” and is full of experience that ultimately guides our choices, decisions, goals and our dreams but I want you to imagine for one second and the purpose of this blog post you were back in the mindset of that curious, energized, and full of life six year old you once were. Fearless and ready to take on the world. How differently do you think your life would be if you held on to those dreams for just a little bit longer?

Living in today’s world can be a struggle. A struggle to fit into a variety of different molds that are presented to us by way of our friends and family, social media and entertainment, science, etc. … As mentioned before there are a number of distractions uncovered at any given moment in time that have the ability to pull us off line. We see an interesting subject on TV or in a movie, mainstream music that is programmed to entice us in specific ways, or general conversations with a loved one. We slowly begin to build and create new images for ourselves and let go of the fearlessness we once had. We begin to frame our minds around specific road maps often based on our circumstance such as the environment we live in, the money we make, the grades we get in school, the types of people we meet, our current job, etc … and before we know it we find ourselves subconsciously limiting our lives. It’s once again that idea of all those self- limiting beliefs.

If we go back to the mindset of our six year old self we find that, more often than not, all of those limiting factors don’t matter. At that time we thankfully had yet to fully understand the concept of money, the impressions people have on us and we blindly allow ourselves to feel and think without worry. Of course, now as an adult we clearly can’t erase all of the experiences or things we’ve picked up along the way but if we somehow allow ourselves to stay connected to our dreams I believe they can keep us going when the going gets tough and the struggle becomes all too real.

When we stop dreaming we virtually stop living. We start to become complacent and OK with the status quo. Living day to day with less excitement, zest, and vitality. It’s OK to admit it- we’ve all been there. So what can we do to ensure our dreams don’t get lost in the shuffle?

The first thing is to know that every dream is unique and the road to achievement is never the same. As individuals, we are all distinct in our capabilities, in our thoughts, in our desires and that is the beauty of being YOU. Therefore, it’s imperative to let go of what other people might think (easier said than done, you might say). But the truth behind this thought is that whatever your dreams may be they are just that, YOURS. So it really doesn’t matter what anyone has to say about them. So when you find the voice of a naysayer creeping into your thoughts or conversations, steering you down another path, I encourage you to reflect on how your dream originally manifested. Most of our dreams are rooted by our core values, another element very unique to who we are. When we gain clarity here it becomes almost impossible for others or outside forces to throw us off course.

The next step, I believe, to manifesting your dreams is to acknowledge your successes as they happen. No matter how large or small they are, you should be proud of each and every one of your accomplishments. Science has proven to us that positive reinforcement is one of the biggest motivating forces in life. I’m not saying you need to reward yourself with a treat or gift for everything you do right, but simple acknowledgement that you are one step closer to your goal can go a long way. Perhaps it’s a gold star on your to do list, an internal “good job”, or sharing your accomplishment with a close friend or family member. The choice of recognition is up to you. The key here is creating a highly effective action to keep you motivated and your eye on the prize.

Finally, allow yourself to dream BIG! If you truly want to be successful in life it starts with believing in yourself. I recently read a post on social media that said -When life offers you a dream so far beyond any of your expectations, it’s at that stage you’ve got to understand you’ve been given that dream for a reason and you’re capable of achieving it.- Nothing in the world is far too great. Take the past 100 years as proof. Everything we have in the world today is virtually because there was someone before us that had an idea and a dream. Tangible and intangible realities alike.

Therefore, this week, I challenge you to start dreaming again. Believe in the idea that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to and let go of the fear experience has taught us to hold tight to. Do not waste another day waking up wishing you could have more or do more. No matter how much time has passed or your circumstances have changed, your dreams hold purpose and are yours to cultivate and live.

So get to it.

Don’t dream your life, live your dream.

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