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Building Confidence

What is confidence?

The simple definition of confidence says it is…. A feeling of belief that you can do something well or succeed at something.

A feeling or belief…. Meaning it is something that comes from within. Something that we nurture, grow, and cultivate.

If we believe this to be true then the only thing standing in the way of our confidence is ourselves. If we are honest and true to our core, who are we to not believe we can do anything we put our minds to. It’s not about the material things you possess or status you hold.

The only requirement to having confidence is the belief that you are capable.

A seemingly unbelievable concept I know, but I am here to tell you it really is that simple. To know that if we give all that we have to offer in every situation, success and the ability to move forward is always within reach.

When we strip ourselves down and let go of things that truly do not matter we must ask ourselves do we have what it takes to still get the job done. The ability to show up. If you believe in yourself, even with the smallest of margins, then the answer is yes and you have a sign of true confidence.

It’s all about perspective. When we frame things in a positive way we are more likely to receive positive results. So stop letting what you think is impossible cloud your judgement for what is possible. Start small and see just how far this minor shift can take you. We all are more than capable if we just believe.

So what will you do today?

Maybe it starts with introducing a new color into your wardrobe, saying hello to a stranger, a shift in attitude toward something, or implementing a new daily ritual/ practice. Whatever it is, I challenge you to get started now! Challenge yourself to be better by holding yourself accountable to some immediate form of action. There’s no better time to start building than this very moment. So let’s get to it.

#confidence #action

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