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I recently read in a daily quote- "What you Focus on is What you Act Upon” and I immediately thought to myself what a simple yet powerful concept.

If you think about it, as human beings, we are constantly producing energy. Living and breathing life into all that we do. So in a world where there are so many external factors at play, how do we stay focused on what is most important and get the best that we can out of life?

Here are three things I like to think help keep me on track. Check them out and see how they might work for you.

1. Set daily intentions surrounding what is important.

Every morning when I wake up I journal about where I am and where I would like to be. I often find that when I write things down it helps bring them to life. If journaling isn't your thing, maybe it's a to-do list, meditation, or a verbal affirmation to yourself. Whatever your vice is, always remember that consistency is key.

2. Avoid making quick decisions.

Take a minute to think and breathe before giving answers. Get into a habit of asking yourself how certain decisions will serve the intentions you have set. You want the energy you put out to the world to count. If the effects are not seen as positive take another moment to reconfigure your choices until you know they are absolutely right for you. Put yourself first. You will be surprised at how much more energy you have to share by slowing things down.

3. Stay honest.

Don't try to make something fit just because you think it should or it sounds good. Build strength and confidence from your successes and failures. If something doesn't go according to plan or you fall off track acknowledge it, pick yourself up and try again. You will move forward much faster by living in truth.

Stay Focused!

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