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Ameerah Omar- Founder

Ameerah Omar is a life strategist and change agent. While her ideal clients are those aging out of specific career fields and moving into new found arenas, she has vast success in helping any individual who is on the brink of making a life changing decision in any professional or personal capacity.  

She brings to coaching over a decade of professional experience cultivating and building some of the most successful careers you see in fashion today. Working one on one with clients to establish their core values, foster confidence and create sustainable change. This work has given Ameerah the upper hand with having acute interpersonal skills, being an active listener and effectively creating a safe and trustworthy environment to work in. Coupled with her own personal experience surrounding change and the strong ability to take risks, she proves to be the ultimate partner through this process.  

Certified in Coaching from NYU, Ameerah's approach is rooted and deeply driven by positive psychology, neuroscience and the idea that no two brains are alike. Therefore, she implores her clients to highlight their own thoughts and ideas to facilitate change specifically designed to work for them. 




Contact Ameerah directly for more information on how she can grow with you today. 







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