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At Ascend 360 the belief is that everyone has the potential and power to live THEIR BEST LIFE.


The work is simple.

It is based around helping individuals transition some aspect of their life in a forward moving direction through solution based actions. Ideal clients are those who are aging out of professional industries and transitioning into new found arenas, but all positive change is welcome. 


The intention is to help clients Think Better, Do Better, and Be Better.

Partnering with clients in a unique way to best suit their needs, you will feel empowered to highlight your own thoughts and ideas to reach your goals. 


During this process we… 

Gain CLARITY on your expectations of what you want

LISTEN for understanding and insight on where you are today

EXPLORE options on how to move forward

Set forth a clear plan of ACTION, and 

REFLECT on the progress you have made along the way.


This practice is dedicated to providing a service that is specific to you and yields results that will last a lifetime.


I look forward to your journey.

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